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I stand as a middleman between business owners and the process of acquiring and selling businesses. My job as a broker is solely my own business. I’m not solely a business broker but also a business owner for over two decades. As a business broker, have been trying to understand this internet business for quite some time now. I believe there are quite a number of internet marketing professionals and our previous ppc agency this industry is growing very fast even in its early stage in business.


As a business owner and broker, I am compelled in giving this internet business a try. Probably I know a thing or two in trying to maximize the internet than some, but the main question of asking a business owner who is not in the internet marketing business is if they understand internet marketing as it could be similar to asking someone if they are a billiard player. The average billiard player may strike but no ball falls in any pothole, some billiard players play at the professional levels, some have never played before, and some have played once or few times, some play a lot but not so good at the game yet. I am an average player. For internet marketing, probably I’m an average player, have got no idea. I may know more than some, but there are several people that know much more than I do.


My job basically involves discussions with business owners in regards to the state of their business in relating it to a potential sale or possibly buying another business. The pondering questions I have as a business broker are also the questions shared by the plumbing contractor, shop owner, restaurant owner and the small business owners spread across the world.


Presently, it is obvious that the internet is quite different from what it was a decade ago. Ten years ago lots of businesses never had websites. Those that did had these nice home pages with lots of "tidy stuff". And the site was just there. Today, most of that neat stuff get in the way of search engines. A few years ago, it seemed like if you don't show up on Google, you didn't show up and then MySpace, Facebook and Twitter came along.

I am convinced that the internet would evolve soon enough after another 10 years, but still figuring out where the challenge will come from. If you ask me, I see the value in social media marketing which reduces my reliance on Google. With social media, customers have another way to locate you.

I could be wrong in my thinking but it is just my point of view. It feels as though everything I learned yesterday has expired tomorrow. I see the question often asked online, such as, is anyone making money on twitter? Twitter is growing at a million new user per minute but doesn't it make sense that people may be making profits on Tweets. I'm not at the moment, are you? Is internet marketing another solid method used in reaching out to customers, buy, sell and advertise, or is it so much more?

You don't need to show up on page one of Google to be discovered. As a business owner, advertising and marketing are the key elements of business and must not be ignored. In the past and present, we use Yellow pages, direct mail, radio, TV, telemarketing etc.

Is it true that if you can attract mad traffic to your website you could do the impossible?

Is blogging better than tweeting or is Facebook better than Twitter? Do I need to post videos to YouTube? How vital is SEO, incoming network, increasing friends, and social media buttons/widgets? Is email marketing on its declining state, improving, needed, evolving, or somewhat substituted by social media? How can do all this stuff on the internet without having to bear the cost of "sub-contracting" that are outsourced and still running my business? How are we going to be accessing the internet and how does it affect my approach towards it? It seems just like yesterday in accessing the internet via cell phone was a creation at best. Is it right to view internet marketing as a very solid means of marketing and advertising or view it as so much more?

I am just a business owner whose profession as a business broker needs very vital marketing training. How can you find a business owner that is in dire need of a business? This is a very secretive event. How can you find a business buyer that is searching to buy a landscape company, a Towing company or probably a computer repair workshop? My approach in life is to try different things. I tweet the businesses I have for sale, I get feedback questions, I blog about my business experiences which have driven a huge traffic to my site, I am on Facebook but pretty dormant, I am on LinkedIn and a few other social or business sites. I privately feel valued in writing a blog as it gives me control to provide SEO optimized contents to my site. I am definitely not in the position to provide adequate advice on this subject but my main point is that are you a business owner who is confused on what to do on the internet? I just want to let you know that you are not alone in this.